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VOSB – DUNS 002586146 – CAGE 7GJX3

Providing Service Based Optimization Programs for Active Duty Military and Veterans with PTSD or Traumatic Brain Injury

Offering Measurable Solutions To Remedy The Symptoms From PTSD & TBI

Using “Brain Maps” and advanced cognitive testing, we are able to understand and correlate the electrical activity and cognitive abilities of an individual to their overall function, behavior and presenting symptoms. Creating both a baseline from which to improve, and an individualized training protocol from this data allow us to quantify the effectiveness of training and measure functional improvement from both a subjective and objective vantage point.

Service based programs, with training lead by specialized Veterans, provides the advanced technology, validated training protocols and both subjective & objective data measurement to provide an effective, measurable solution to the remediation of quality of life symptoms from PTSD and TBI.

Dedicated To Optimizing The Brain Function Of Our Service Members

Our programs are dedicated to optimizing the brain function of our service members from any branch of the military or department of defense at any point during or after their careers. Providing the correct tools and training to individuals can have a profound effect on their ability to function optimally in every situation, be it a high-stress mission or a trip to the grocery store.

Mental toughness is the ability to stay strong during difficult circumstances or in the face of adversity. It is the ability to remain focused during times of distraction, and calm during times of increased stress. It builds the foundation for a healthy and strong brain and body and allows the individual to return from high stress and difficult circumstances, unscathed without any mental decline.

Peak Performance Brain and Body training using Neurofeedback and Biofeedback can enhance combat readiness and further prepare soldiers’ brains for the task that lies ahead.

The training program is build around strengthening the areas of mental performance that have the most in-action implications. Individuals will learn how to intensifying focus, increase mental endurance, manage stress, overcome distractions, recover from mistakes and control impulses. Neurofeedback teaches mental flexibility, so it is easier to turn off your mind when you need to rest and recover, and keep it in an optimal state when it is needed most.

Functional Baseline:

Using “Brain Maps” and advanced cognitive testing, we are able to understand and correlate the electrical activity and cognitive abilities of an individual to their overall function, behavior and presenting symptoms.

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Combat Readiness

You train your body to become a well oiled machine, but it is your brain that will be making the decisions in the most important moments. A sharper, more flexible and well tuned brain can function at a higher level for longer. We have portable, effective solutions to train your brain like you train your body.

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Looking objectively at an evaluation which is primarily subjective can have profound positive effects on the timeframe of care and course of treatment for an individual. A concise yet highly evidential assessment, that cannot be studied for, manipulated or modified can help complement evaluation processes already in place such as GAF testing. Functional baselines provide the objective measurement needed to truly track decline during deployment or improvement during treatment and optimization programs.
The next frontier of unlocking human potential is rooted in one’s ability to control and optimize their brain function appropriately for the given situation. Whether an intense moment requiring accurate decision and action, or a short moment of rest demanding uninterrupted recovery, the strength of one’s brain can determine their ability to function optimally on or off the battlefield. We provide a high-performance, portable and flexible training program, fondly referred to as “Boot Camp for the Brain.”

The after-effects of war can extend far beyond the lines of service. Adverse symptoms of anxiety, depression, irritability or insomnia can remain alone or as a part of a larger condition such as PTSD or Traumatic Brain Injury.

Using an evidence based treatment called Neurofeedback, the brain is able to reorganize, balance and optimize its’ behavior to regain the mental strength and control needed to function at a high level in every situation post-service.


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