Neurofeedback is Proven to Work

Conditions Treated By Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback and Biofeedback may help with many conditions and imbalances but it is not a panacea. Below are the conditions we feel show enough evidence both in the scientific literature and in our own experience to promote.

What Neurofeedback Helps With

Good health has many dimensions, but one of the most important and least measured is the health of our brains.

You’re an individual, not a label. We use precise functional brain imaging, performance testing and physiological stress response measurement to understand the core problem leading to your symptoms and retrain your brain and body to function more optimally. You can improve your focus, mood, behavior, memory or physical response, all without the use of medication. If you have experienced any of the following symptoms or conditions, we can help.

Graph of what Neurofeedback helps with
ADHD Anxiety
Concussion/TBI Depression
Epilepsy/Seizures Memory Loss/Cognitive Decline
Migraines PTSD
Sleep Disorders


ADHD or ADD symptoms are usually treated with stimulant medications in both children and adults. Although the medications may help mask symptoms in the short-term by changing brain chemistry, they do not solve the underlying problem and may elicit side-effects. Neurofeedback can retrain the brain to function more optimally, is scientifically proven and American Academy of Pediatrics Level 1 approved for “best support” intervention for ADHD.


Everyone gets anxious at times, and this is a natural and necessary response to a stressor. When anxiety starts to consume daily life, it needs to be addressed. Heightened anxiety can lead to increased stress or even panic attacks, but many traditional anxiety treatments only manage the symptoms in the short-term. Neurofeedback is a solution for the underlying cause, so you can continue on with your life without constantly feeling “on-edge.”


There is no such thing as a tough brain… Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury awareness has increased 10-fold in the past couple of years, but the majority of research and funding is focused around diagnosis and prevention. Very little has been done to modify the way we treat concussion in traditional medical practices. If the patient has not fully recovered in 90 days, the methods are primarily to treat symptoms individually and cope with the fact there is permanent damage. Neurofeedback is an effective treatment for the core of the problem with long-term concussion symptoms, a physiologic change and imbalance in the brain. In work with every case from single injury from a car accident to multiple injuries over the course of a professional football career, we have seen drastic improvement in the reduction of symptoms and increase in quality of life.


Major depression affects 17% of the population in the US. Anti-depressants, the common fix for depression, leads to many adverse side-effects, more medication and in many cases, dependency. Many studies have shown that when your mood is poor, there is more activation in your right frontal area than your left. These well established findings can lead directly to a treatment using Neurofeedback and you may even be able to help decrease or cease medication over time. We also use Alpha-Stim technology to help aid in depression treatment.


Seizures can range from momentary mild disorientation to complete loss of muscle control and consciousness.

Anti-convulsive drugs are the most common type of treatment, and although in many cases they are effective in stopping seizure activity, their side-effects are among the worst in medication classifications.

Neurofeedback was actually founded around the reduction of seizure activity and has been well studied and implemented as a tool for the reduction of severity, frequency and duration of seizures since the 1960’s.

Memory Loss

During the aging process, the issues start with forgetting if you left the stove on or forgetting where you left your keys, and eventually to people’s names and even faces. Losing your memory is in most cases a slow and very discouraging process. You do not have to live with a slowly declining memory. The areas of your brain associated with memory can be re-trained to function optimally through Neurofeedback.

Smartphone games and crossword puzzles are not your answer to remaining sharp. They may make you better at the games, but do not make your memory or any other part of your brain function better. Neurofeedback is proven to make your brain function better, at any age.


Migraine headaches can be debilitating and bring life to a screeching halt when the crop up, usually unannounced. Many times migraine frequency, duration and severity can be reduced by calming brain activity. There is a common pattern we see in brain imaging which allows us to use Neurofeedback to rebalance the brain to function more optimally, reducing or even eliminating migraine headaches.


PTSD is broadly disruptive of physiological function, or underlying brain balance. The downstream symptoms can be extensive, including flashbacks, disrupted sleep patterns, changes in both behavior and emotional control, and executive function. The brain remains “stuck” in a pattern of over-arousal, keeping the individual “on-edge” and can allow the mind to engage the prior trauma in particular situations. Maintenance of the trauma rather than treatment of the dysregulation, will only prolong the problem. Neurofeedback can offer a side effect free, long-term solution to many of the downstream effects of PTSD.

Sleep Disorders

Simply stated, if you are not sleeping correctly, you cannot function properly. There can be multiple factors leading to improper sleep, including environmental, social, behavioral or medical factors, but many times it simply comes down to brain function. Understanding how your brain functions in an awake, rested and relaxed state can lead to a greater understanding of the core problems surrounding your sleep patterns. Whether you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, waking up fatigued, or are not progressing through the proper sleep stages, training your brain with Neurofeedback to function optimally may hold the keys to massive sleep improvement.


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