Neurofeedback Technology

Not all Neurofeedback Equipment Produces the Same Results. Neurofeedback, in general, is a very Clinician driven experience, and your comfort level with the Performance Coach matters greatly to your overall success. The technology which the particular Neurofeedback provider uses will also determine your overall results and the speed at which you achieve them.

One-Size Does Not Always Fit All

Your Brain is unique and should be treated as such. We do not prescribe to one-size-fits-all protocols and our highly trained and experienced Clinicians do not use plug-and-play Neurofeedback and Biofeedback systems. We use medical grade and FDA approved hardware for both assessment and training, read our own Brain Imaging and develop our own training protocols. In some cases, we use highly advanced take-home equipment for intermittent training or maintenance.

Brain Map

A Quantitative Electroencephalograms (qEEG) or Brain Map is a reading of the electrical activity across 19 surface electrodes embedded in a mesh cap (like a swimmer’s cap). This raw data is processed through an amplifier and software which will eventually produce a comprehensive view of your Brain function.

Our qEEG amplifier is a NeuroField Q20. This is a top of the line, medical grade amplifier that gives our experts the cleanest, noise-free read of your brain waves possible.

After trying multiple databases, we have found the NeuroGuide FDA approved database to be the most reliable and accurate. It is considered the gold standard in qEEG for creating and comparing your “Brain Map” to a normative database as well as translating that data into a workable format for Z-Score Neurofeedback


There are many different types of treatment used in the Neurofeedback field. We have worked for years to develop a combination of technologies which will allow the most effective and efficient training course for the symptoms and conditions we work with. We use Direct Neurofeedback with the Clarity system, 19-Channel Z-Score training through Neuroguide and portable single channel training through Myndlift. We also have the capability to perform Alpha/Theta training in-house. Each training modality and technology has its advantage in different cases, with different symptoms, severity and goals. The combination of these technologies is greater than the sum of its parts and through this combination we have been able to drive our average number of sessions to 20 In-house sessions.

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Let’s Get Scientific:

Want to learn more about Neurofeedback research for the conditions we treat? Visit our resources page for more information.


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