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As you begin your journey through these video lessons, we are confident you'll agree that a comprehensive health strategy is the missing link to taking your brain & body function and overall wellness to the next level. The beautiful part of putting health strategies in place is, once in place, they will continue to drive your health as a working system. Each strategy allows you to build it once, then simply manage as an entire system for health optimization.

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These are the same strategies we've used to help thousands of patients increase their energy, libido, brain function, drive and overall happiness.

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Aly Faber Testimonial

Aly Faber

Local Performance Coach

“Carolina HealthSpan offered me the chance to regain my brain capacity and power after suffering a severe TBI almost a year ago. Their assessment, treatment and healing of my injury put me back into my high functioning flow state and allowed me to return to my amazing work and personal life.”

Joe DeLamielleure testimonial

Joe DeLamielleure

Former NFL Player

“After three-months of Neurofeedback, I was able to sleep through the entire night, my anxiety and irritability have disappeared, my attention and comprehension have significantly improved and my memory is better than it has been in decades!”

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