Bio-Identical Testosterone Replacement Therapy offers many quality of life benefits including more energy, enhanced sex drive and increased lean body mass for both men and women.

In March the FDA caused an alert, cautioning the public that the benefits and safety of testosterone medications, prescribed for age-related low testosterone, have not been established. Despite not providing a meaningful definition of aging or evidence of heightened cardiovascular risk, the FDA called for manufactures to include labeling about possible increased risk of heart attack or stroke.

The AACE’s (American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists) Annual Meeting was held just a couple weeks ago and they have released a press release denouncing the FDA’s claims. A panel of researchers stated, “the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy to treat low testosterone in both men and women substantially outweigh any risks.” The panel’s statement is in line with the AACE’s soon to be released position paper on the subject. Read more here. In fact the AACE’s position paper states “…there is no compelling evidence that TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) either increases or decreases cardiovascular risks and concludes that testosterone therapy favorably changes many cardiovascular risk factors by decreasing fat mass, increasing muscle mass and decreasing insulin resistance.”

It is very difficult to know who to trust in a debate like this. Which is why you, the consumer, need to be well educated on subject from viable sources. Not drug company advertisements or the latest Testosterone boost article in Golf Digest. Find an expert physician with years of experience and expertise in Hormone Replacement Therapy and ask the difficult questions. Make sure your treatment is individualized and your medical history, symptoms, lab results and current life style are all taken into account during your initial consultation with the physician.

If you believe Testosterone Replacement Therapy could offer you, a friend or family member a better quality of life, contact the physicians with the most experience in the Carolina’s at expertly diagnosing and treating hormone deficiencies – Carolina HealthSpan Institute – Now with two locations in Charlotte and Huntersville.

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